In the times of need!


CDRS Youth and FKFP (Free Kissan Free Pakistan) joined hands in 2017 for a tremendous project to provide clean and safe drinking water to the inhabitants of remote desert areas in Baluchistan and Thar. In these impoverished regions, water has long been scarce. With little rainfall, underground aquifers are the main water source for communities, agriculture and livestock. This project has provided clean water to people who need it the most.

Junaid Nazir, Co-founder of CDRS YOUTH, and his team took on the huge responsibility of managing the project in such a challenging environment. With funding from FKFP, CDRS YOUTH has succeeded in implementing 16 clean drinking water projects in Balochistan and 1 in Thar to quench the thirst of 40,000 human beings living in different villages situated in Balochistan (and one village in Thar Desert).  After searching for various sites for aquifers and safer means of pure and sanitary drinking water, CDRS YOUTH bored the wells constructed large tanks and installed multifunctional hand pumps at several villages. They used solar panels at two sites to lift the water from the deep wells and installed pipeline systems in each location to enable the direct access to water from each and every household. Water scarcity has always been a difficult challenge in Balochistan and Thar.

This southwestern province of Pakistan receives less rainfall which brings about acute water shortages. The desert is characterized by hot and extremely arid conditions with temperatures often reaching 50 degrees centigrade. The barren plains of Jaffarabad District are home to hundreds of thousands of rural folks. These people live through the harsh climate and whatever crops the land has to offer and they somehow miraculously manage to cope with the unforgiving environment and survive. Before CDRS YOUTH came to help, villagers had to travel 3 to 4 kilometers to fetch a few bucketfuls of unclean water, but after the CDRS YOUTH team installed the water wells, tanks and handpumps, life in this unforgiving place has become much easier. Junaid and his team has had to spend weeks at a time in treacherous conditions in order to complete the project. It was difficult and at times dangerous, but the results are worth all the effort.

The project will be expanding in 2018, initiating more clean drinking water projects with FKFP and new partners such as the amazing Hisaar Foundation, among the most experienced water experts in the world, and CDRS Youth Ambassador Umair Jaswal, who is not only a famous singer but also a Geoscientist with a big heart and a keen interest in ensuring clean water for Pakistan. Let us know if you’d like to sponsor a well or be involved with this project.