In the times of need!

CDRS Mission

The Mission of CDRS is to provide emergency relief, healthcare and logistics services in response to large disasters anywhere in the World and to improve the health, education and social welfare status of communities in Pakistan by:

1) Providing comprehensive, competent, and compassionate humanitarian aid, relief, and assistance during times of disaster, deploying to the disaster zone as soon as possible and staying for as long as needed
2) Providing sustainable and affordable quality healthcare services
3) Identifying, addressing and bridging gaps in the healthcare system
4) Providing comprehensive health education and school health programs to neglected communities
5) Working with local communities and governments to help them take a leadership role in managing their healthcare needs in partnership with the existing but limited government healthcare apparatus
6) Providing empowerment and education projects and disaster response training for women and youth, particularly those who live in disaster affected areas, conflict zones and neglected or remote areas
7) Providing clean water to communities in need
8) Providing animal welfare services and awareness in the community of the importance of showing compassion to suffering animals