In the times of need!


             CDRS YOUTH Video

CDRS Youth is working throughout Pakistan in 23 volunteer chapters in all 4 provinces of Pakistan (Baluchistan, Sindh, Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa). CDRS Youth is implementing many humanitarian projects in these areas: Clean Water, Computer Labs for Children, Computer Literacy Program, Each One Teach One Education Program,  and Tree Plantation. CDRS Youth is expanding day by day. If you also want to be a part of this noble cause to serve humanity can join us as a volunteer and also you can start a new youth volunteer chapter in your area to serve humanity.

CDRS believes that the above agendas need to be urgently addressed and resolved in a country, 70 percent of whose population is below the age of 29. Pakistan’s youth lies at perilous crossroads, considering the current dilemma it is facing, be it social, educational or political. Hopes of self-sufficiency are fading. What needs to be realized is that social unrest among the youth can lead to unavoidable, unpleasant consequences, which have already started jerking their optimism. In order to prevent the huge amount of talent that may be wasted, if the current conditions prevail, CDRS Youth carefully chooses and designs channels to divert any negative aggravation, in essence of its primary goals mentioned above. It aims to provide the youth of the country with a constructive direction.

Please see photos and info of our Youth activities below. More to be posted soon…