In the times of need!


On Easter Sunday, March 27 2016, Mohammed Yassin brought his Son to Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park in Lahore to celebrate the boy’s wonderful achievement of earning 1st position in his class.

The Taliban also came to the park that day, having decided to attack Christians celebrating Easter there. They detonated a bomb, killing 75 Human Beings, including 29 children. Scores more were injured.

The attack left Mohammed Yassin completely paralyzed and with injuries that have still not healed. He cannot speak and breathes through a pipe in his throat. He is blind in one eye. Yassin does not even have the most basic medical care that a burn survivor requires. He was the sole breadwinner for his family and now his elderly father has been forced to go back to work. He shielded his Son from the blast and though the boy was injured by shrapnel and burned in several places on his body, he has recovered from his physical injuries. Just imagine the mental scars that will take years to heal. Instead of feeling happy about his attaining 1st position at school, he now feels tremendous guilt for asking his father to take him to the park. No child should ever have to go through such misery to blame himself for what cruel and hateful men do to innocent men, women and children.

Mohammed Yassin was the imam at his local mosque in Lahore. He preached love for all Humanity. Now he needs Humanity. He needs Your Humanity.

Mohammed Yassin needs your help. He needs continuous nursing care, medical treatment and physical therapy. He needs a specialized wheelchair and some modifications to his home. His Son and two Daughters need support with their education. CDRS has been supporting Yassin and his children for a year now and will do everything possible to continue providing this support. Yassin’s children are doing wonderfully in their studies and CDRS donors have been paying for their school fees, books, supplies and uniforms.

Please write to us if you would like to support this man and his family whose lives were torn apart and forever changed by hatred and intolerance. Please let Humanity and Love prevail. The Taliban took away their old life, but with your assistance, CDRS can give Mohammed Yassin and his family a new life.

If you can help, make a contribution at or contact us at [email protected]


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