In the times of need!


CDRS YOUTH – Wheelchairs for citizens who can’t afford to buy one

CDRS provides wheelchairs to deserving patients whose family income is less than 15 thousand rupees per month. CDRS has already donated 21 wheelchairs to people who cannot walk either because they are paralyzed by injuries or suffer from polio or a degenerative neurological disorder. These people have had to face many problems moving about independently, but after they received a wheelchair, they’ve had a much easier time going wherever they want and need to go.

CDRS Staff and Volunteers from all 23 CDRS YOUTH chapters are always on the lookout for wothy patients. Once they identify and verify a patient’s need, they contact the CDRS Islamabad team. The CDRS Islamabad team provides them with the wheelchairs or akes an online appeal to donors.

Let us know if you have a wheelchair to donate or would like to support this project.

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