In the times of need!


Junaid, a young boy from Chikar, Azad Kashmir lost conscious of his limbs during the major Earthquake that hit Pakistan on October 2005. The devastation has scarred Junaid for the rest of his life; his body was totally paralyzed because he had not received any medical treatment in the early stage of the disease and because he belonged to a very poor family who could not afford to give him such care, that is when CDRS came to the rescue. Junaid was provided medical attention and CDRS is now funding for Junaids Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy and any medical and school expenses he requires. Junaid is now one of the top students of his school. CDRS is also supporting his Brothers and Sisters in terms of school supplies as well as school Transport, clothing and other means to support the entire family. CDRS has been helping this poor victim for 12 years and the aid is still on the run.

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