In the times of need!

CDRS Women’s Empowerment Luncheon

Please register for the event at:

(Tickets are $65 per person and $120 per couple. Only 50 seats are available)

CDRS is a 501c3 that operates in Pakistan to provide disaster and development relief. Although the CDRS organization provides everything from vision care to educational assistance, our Spring Luncheon will be focused on the voices of women.

This event is a seat 3-course Michelin Star brunch scheduled to start at 2:00 PM InshaAllah. We require all guests are in the restaurant by 1:45PM the latest! Once the service starts, we will not be able to insert anyone else after. Our capacity is of 50 people!

Under the banner of Women’s Empowerment, not just Pakistan, but the world overall has made significant leaps and bounds. Come join us as we celebrate the warmer weather, and the women of Pakistan who’ve made tiny steps and broad leaps to bridge the divide.

CDRS is one of the very few organizations that is considered one of the most effective non-profits due to their vast network of projects taking place in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and other places! They were one of the 1st to address the Rohingya Crisis and send aid, supplies, etc… to Bangladesh! Also, they have the least overhead in operating costs! This means that the maximum amount of $1 is ACTUALLY GOING TO THE CAUSE!