The Coronavirus pandemic has infected millions of people worldwide, and killed over hundreds of thousands.

As the number of COVID-19 cases increase, so will the suffering of the people, particularly the working class, daily wagers, neglected citizens, and poor communities.

CDRS is committed to provide relief to the poor and suffering People of Pakistan since the 2005 earthquake and has continued its commitment ever since, and now helping the communities worst hit by the pandemic.

CDRS along with its team of highly committed volunteers, with the help of generous partners and donors, is delivering food packs, hygiene items and masks to the doorsteps of verified families.

Secondly, the doctors and medical personnel who are courageously working on the frontline fighting this pandemic are also vulnerable to the disease. Therefore, providing necessary protective gear and PPE to medical staff is also a vital part of CDRS’s relief efforts.

Lastly, with humans self-isolating in their homes, restaurants and eateries have closed down, and stray animals who previously fed on the leftovers are now vulnerable to starvation. Scarcity of food will also lead to desperation and aggression in these animals. Therefore, CDRS will also be helping to provide necessary food and water to the stray animals.

Please help us help those who are suffering by donating generously and sharing information and photos of our COVID-19 emergency relief efforts.

Together we will save more lives.

Here are some highlights of our recent COVID Relief Missions.