In Pakistan, widows often lose inheritance rights to their husband’s assets, leaving them penniless when a husband dies.

This often means that while she tries to work to support her family, she has to leave her children unfed, uneducated, and inadequately cared for.

House of Blessings founders Fatima Khan, Raja Nabeel Azad and Todd Shea noticed the lack of shelter, support, counseling and economic empowerment in Pakistan for this vulnerable group, widows and children, and established House of Blessings (HOB) in October 2019 to begin filling that void.

The name “House of Blessings” comes from the Islamic concept that the greatest blessings are with the orphan. The intent is for such houses to be dedicated to the most vulnerable of our greatest resource, our children- and our widows.

We hope to grow this project to be able to support and empower as many widows and orphans as possible. You and your family can sponsor a child, a family, or an entire house. Please join us and help us transform lives…