Zill e Huma

CDRS has been supporting Zillehuma for the last 10 years when CDRS Founder Todd Shea met Zillehuma at a school for differently abled citizens in Islamabad. From the moment Todd met Zillehuma, his heart was taken by her beautiful smile and singing. She suffers from a rare form of Ceberal Palsy which has affected Zillehuma’s neuromuscular system from birth.

Despite the many challenges Zillehuma has had to face, she is very strong and determined to lead an independent and fulfilling life. CDRS has supported her over the years with education, music lessons, marriage expenses and daily home health nursing support. We’ve watched Zillehuma grow from a young student to a wonderful wife and mother of two children.


illehuma recently moved to Karachi, which like many cities in Pakistan, is not wheelchair friendly. Zillehuma began painting and drawing as a creative outlet. She now designs and colors her own personal line of Ludo (Parcheesi) boards. CDRS is supporting Zillehuma in marketing her hand-drawn classic Pakistani board game. Funds from sales of original drawings and print copies will be used to adapt Zillehuma’s home and bathroom for wheelchair access. If you are interested in supporting Zillehuma’s business venture, please donate to us.