CDRS Founder

CDRS Founder

Todd Shea is a singer, musician and a songwriter who has traveled all over the World performing his music. Todd got his inspiration to play music during the dark teenage years he went through after his mother’s death. The difficult times that Todd experienced in his early years taught him many life lessons, and he developed strong feelings towards humanity and the desire to help people harmed by tragedy. Todd eventually began to use music to share his experiences and convey a healing message to help troubled teenagers to get through their own hard times.

On 9/11, Todd never knew that his life would take such a drastic change and he would find abilities which he wasn’t even aware of before the unfortunate event which affected the entire World and destroyed thousands of families. Todd had been visiting New York to perform a concert set up at CBGB’s Gallery by his manager at that time, the legendary music promoter Sid Bernstein who brought The Beatles and The Rolling Stones to America, but when he saw the towers on fire he put his guitar down to respond to the tragedy he witnessed from his hotel room window. His life’s path and purpose changed forever that fateful day. Since then Todd has been directly involved in many disasters, providing logistics and operational support.

Todd has been working with and supporting many missions and organizations responding to disasters all over the world. Todd’s experiences include volunteering in Belize to support imprisoned children, helping build homes in Sri Lanka after the disastrous tsunami in 2005, and in the same year he worked as a logistics coordinator and animal rescuer during Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. Todd then worked to deploy a group of doctors to the Pakistan earthquake. Since then he has been working in Pakistan to assist people who have been affected by natural disasters and conflict. In 2010 he initiated a mission to deploy doctors in Haiti to help those affected by the devastating earthquake, in early 2011 he provided disaster relief to tsunami victims in Japan, assisted in the coordination of relief during Hurricane Sandy in New York in 2012 and deployed to The Philippines to provide logistical support to several Humanitarian organizations responding to Typhoon Haiyan in 2013.

In 2017, Todd’s Son Justin and deployed to Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico over a three-month period on behalf of CDRS to provide hurricane relief, while Todd worked in Pakistan and made two trips to the Bangladesh border with Myanmar to provide technical support and funding to partner OBAT Helpers, an amazing charity which has been supporting the Bihari People for the last 15 years and are now supporting the Rohingya People with emergency aid, healthcare services and education projects.

Todd is proud of his team and grateful to CDRS donors and supporters for allowing us to serve suffering Human Beings in times of need and hopes CDRS will be able to focus its efforts more on development work in 2018 and beyond…

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