This is Umair Jaswal from CDRS. I am a singer, actor, and music-producer from Islamabad, Pakistan, supporting CDRS Water and Environment Projects.

I want to personally thank you for visiting the CDRS website and showing your interest in knowing more about this crisis and the steps CDRS is taking to provide a sustainable solution for this dilemma.

Every day, 6,000 innocent children die of waterborne diseases. Young children are at a greater risk of being affected by waterborne and sanitation-related illnesses. Knowing this aches my heart, this is why I am playing my role in sensitizing Pakistani youth and raising public awareness about preserving water.

Just recently, the CDRS team and I have also released an inspirational water anthem, Paani ka Paasdar, to motivate Pakistani children and adults to save water. In case you have missed it, please check it below:

Just like saving water, it is also our responsibility to help humanity by providing clean water to families in need and save thousands of beautiful flowers from dwindling. Please support CDRS in this noble mission by donating generously. Together, we can save hundreds of precious lives today. Click the link below to donate now:

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Umair Jaswal
CDRS Ambassador for Water and Environment Projects